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The value of being social

The value of being socialimage

New office designs shows the value of being social.


Office fitouts are changing to reflect more of what workers want.



Many are looking for a more convenient and enjoyable work life, and this has lead to companies offering more than just the standard office space. Savills Queensland office leasing state director John McDonald said employees wanted end-of-trip facilities such as showers and lockers, as well as the opportunity to mix with their peers during and after work. “Workers are demonstrating that they want to eat lunch with their colleagues rather than eat alone, and they want to spend time in outdoor office lounges and cafés rather than at their desks,” he said. “Offices are becoming a center for social activity and it is important for our industry to recognize and embrace this shift.”



Along with a focus on office aesthetics, special attention was being placed on reactivating workspaces to promote staff productivity, Mr McDonald said. Business was beginning to recognize that vibrant design encouraged collaboration, with better work-life balance in turn delivering better output and efficiencies. With this better work-life balance co-working is becoming a big thing as well. Since co-working is a fairly new way of (net)working and growing your business, this goes side by side with the fact that the office layout is changing. There have to be more places to socialize and people do not want to sit behind their desk and say nothing for the whole day. WehaveAnyspace is encouraging this trend since we value the fact of socializing. To make things easier we have a selection of listings which are beautiful for co-working and socializing. Take a look at our beautiful listings in Australia by clicking the link down below.