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Virtual Office

A virtual office is an office without a physical office. Sounds contradictory? Look at it this way: you would like to start a business, but you often work from home, travel regularly or aren’t tied to one fixed location. You’d still like an official business listing and / or a correspondence address for business purposes. In that case, a virtual office offers a solution.

Where do you want your virtual office?

Within the framework of virtual offices there are roughly three packages.

Business address with mail and telephone service


A business address with mail and telephone service - ideal when it comes to business communication. Your mail will be forwarded and the telephone will be answered.
Full-service virtual office incl. Chamber of Commerce registration


A full-service virtual office incl. Chamber of Commerce registration - Both postal service, telephone services and a Chamber of Commerce registration are included.
Full-service plus


Full service plus - the ultimate package with all of the above and often extras such as access to meeting rooms and a private office or co-working space for several days a month.

The type of virtual office you choose depends on your situation and your wishes. Our team guides you, helps you and is happy to give you the advice that truly benefits you.

Is your desired location not yet listed? Do not hesitate to contact us on +31 85 7500 440