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Co-living trend in Asia

Co-living trend in Asiaimage


Residential Co-Living Trend Accelerates in Asia.


Co-living is becoming the next best thing in Asia.


According to a new report by JLL titled "Bridging the Housing Gap", millennials in Asia are now sharing more than work spaces and transport. They have turned to living together in a new form of shared housing where residents have common interests and lifestyles.



The research reveals that co-living is gaining traction in Asia, particularly in markets like Hong Kong and the greater China region, where housing affordability is a concern. While flat-sharing among young professionals and students is popular in many countries, what differentiates co-living spaces is that they are professionally managed rather than informally arranged.

Most operators highlight the community aspects of the service, which range from yoga classes, film screenings, meals and free drinks, through to networking events with guest speakers and workshops tailored to the specific interests of residents. And this is exactly where WehaveAnyspace has so much to offer. WehaveAnyspace is one of the leading brands in the co-working world. With super many listings offering this possibility you will almost always find your perfect co-working office space to go with your co-living space. Check out our listings in Singapore down below.


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