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How much office space is sufficient?

How much office space is sufficient?image




In the search for a suitable office space, the size of the office is naturally one of the things considered to be important. Not only because of the price, but especially to make sure the space is as efficient,  comfortable and healthy (yes, really) as possible for all your employees. There are some standards regarding the individual space in an office building that you have to take into account. Where in the past a fixed number of square meters per person was kept, this is now a sum of objects present on location. What these objects are and what other concerns you have to pay attention to, we'll explain you here.

The official NEN 1824 report from the Netherlands Standardization Institute informs office tenants about ergonomic requirements for the size of workplaces in administrative areas and offices. In order to carry out work safely and without adverse health effects, dimensions of officespace must be calculated accordingly. 


As said, we now have to look at different objects at the workplace that together form a sufficient office surface, whether this applies to one person or 20 people. An example: one person equals  4 square meters. This is the basis and an absolute minimum for one person.  On top  of this, the various objects we mentioned earlier need to be added. The more objects, the larger the space needs to be. Is there a chest of drawers in the workplace? Then 1 square meter must be added to the total. A reading/writing space is another 1 square meter and a flatscreen monitor is again 1 more square meter, but a CRT-monitor on the other hand is another extra 2 square meters. Thus, In short, a single workstation with a flat screen monitor, a writing/reading area and a chest of drawers adds up to 7 square meters. Additions such as extra space for meetings will further increase the total square meters.


Last but not least: don't forget that the final calculation may be on the small size due to factors you might not think of straight away. Examples include mirroring windows, air conditioners, light armatures or ventilation grilles. In these cases you should adjust the dimensions.


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