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What is a full-serviced office?

What is a full-serviced office?image

When you are searching for office spaces,  you will, without a doubt, encounter the word 'full-service'. The term sounds very appealing and it actually is. Providers of full-service office spaces are on the rise, because who does not want full service at the office? Full service can be relatively standard, but it can be much more than you initially would think. We will clarify the meaning of full-service and explain some of these services.


It is quite similar to the all-inclusive formula travel companies offer, but with slight differences. The office version supports you with matters you as a busy entrepeneur do not have much time for. Think of fully equipped office spaces where the only thing that you need to bring with you is your laptop. Or a manned reception where parcels will be stored for you and important businessrelations are being welcomed with a smile. No time to waste your days on arranging a fast internet connection, buying a coffee machine or reserving a meeting room? These services are also often included in the standard full-service package. It is just those little extras that will ensure you can fully focus on your company.


If you would like even more comfort and convenience, everything seems to be possible. The sky is the limit. There are providers of office spaces where receptionists act as personal assistants. Keeping agendas, scheduling appointments, serving food and drinks in the meeting room, calling a taxi or booking a hotel; whatever you desire. In addition to the full-service performed by an individual, full-service can also mean the presence of interesting facilities in the building making the office life of a busy businessman/woman a lot more pleasant. Offices with an indoor gym are less and less of an exception and nowadays dry cleaners and nurseries are becoming a more frequent addition to office buildings too. Still looking for that one service that is a decisive factor for you as an entrepreneur? What about an indoor cafe to socialize with colleagues during after work drinks? No more hassle in searching for a suitable bar or buying and storing the drinks and snacks. Ideal right?


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