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How do I get my office interior photography skills right?

How do I get my office interior photography skills right?image

A picture says more than a thousand words. Ads with a photo generally do a lot better than ads without a photo. Now it all seems fairly simple: press the button and voila. However, there is much more to it when it comes to interior photography. Would you like to know what essentials to take into account when photographing your office? WehaveAnyspace gives you several tips to bring out the best photographer in you.


Camera versus smartphone
Nowadays, the quality of smartphone cameras is getting dangerously close to a regular camera, but no matter how stunning the photos taken with a smartphone may be, they remain stripped down versions of a high quality digital or SLR camera. If you’re familiar with the settings of a proper camera: use the camera. Advanced light sensors and a wide-angle function will give an indoor photo just that little extra.


Landscape mode
The landscape mode is not only great for landscapes, but it works wonders for photographing offices. The wide image makes an office room stand out well, in contrast to the portrait mode (portrait) where much of the image disappears on both sides. Use the portrait mode sparingly.


The lighting of a space can make or break a photo. You can, of course, cheat a bit with the ISO settings (light sensitivity) or with flash, but it may result in a more grainy shot or one with poor contrast. In any case, ensure that all lights are on, blinds are open and the outdoor sun blinds are raised. Is the room still too dark? Adjusting the shutter speed can really improve things. The slower the shutter speed, the lighter the space. Make sure you have a steady hand or a tripod when you do so.


A straight horizon
Have you ever had your photo taken by a passerby on vacation? And was the result that the Eiffel Tower wasn’t on the image, only a dot of the blue sky was visible in the upper left corner and you stood diagonally in the photo? Not everyone is perfect at taking photos, but one important basic rule is to keep the device straight. Focus your attention on the horizontal lines and check, before you press the button, whether the objects that you want to have in view are straight. The A-grade cameras nowadays have a function where a digital spirit level appears on the screen.

Can't figure it out yourself or do you prefer not to keep busy with the photography part? WehaveAnyspace can help you with this. We are happy to come by and make photos of your office building free of charge, ready to publish!