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Former Prinsengracht hospital will become luxury flexoffice

Former Prinsengracht hospital will become luxury flexofficeimage

A new addition to Amsterdam and its increasingly popular flex-work culture.
The national monument OLVG Prinsengracht (or the Prinsengracht Hospital) will be given a new function from this fall. The function of a luxury flex office.

It has long been unclear what would happen to the immense canal complex on the Prinsengracht that has been vacant since the end of 2014, but the die has cast. The 7000 square meter building will provide hundreds of flex workers office, work and meeting needs at the end of this year.

A major renovation will result in a modern flex office with lots of attention for design and art. There will be beautiful private offices, lounge areas, meeting rooms, workplaces, restaurants - of which one semi-public restaurant -, a spacious entrance and a coffee bar. On the garden side, a beautiful courtyard with the historic conservatory will serve as a green oasis in the heart of Amsterdam. Various young companies such as Picnic and Tony's Chocolonely have already shown interest in office space at this location on the Prinsengracht.

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