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How do you cope with the chaos of an open plan office?

How do you cope with the chaos of an open plan office?image

We can fairly say: office gardens are inextricably linked to less privacy and a relatively big crowd. Distractions lurk everywhere, from your colleague's phone call to the sound of the rattling printer next to your cubicle. To ensure that at the end of the day you have done what you intended to do, WehaveAnyspace has some useful tips for you!

Focus in the office is key. Everyone will agree. Without a healthy dose of concentration, the necessary office work can be a hell of a job. Especially in an open plan office where privacy is limited. The "cozy" design and open nature of an open plan office means that a considerable number of employees work on a small surface which automatically means a bigger chance of distraction. Remarkable, because in the sixties and seventies it was thought that an open space would contribute to easier contact between employees. While this is true, research in the 1990s has shown that 86 minutes per day are lost when working in an open plan office. Fortunately, distraction in the office can be kept to a minimum in a way that is not too complicated.

Work with time / silence blocks
Agree with colleagues to work with time blocks. A time block is actually no more than one or several moments per day to be able to work in silence. From 10:00 to 12:00 for example. For a few hours no chatter, no disturbing smartphone noises and save consultations for an earlier or later time.

Purchase a noise-canceling headset
With current technology, ambient noise is even easier to mute. Noise-canceling headphones can filter ambient noise so that voices, electronic sounds and other buzz are not disturbing you any longer.

Turn off notifications
These days notifications can be set for anything. Your e-mail, WhatsApp, business communication platforms etc. By silencing the notifications on your own telephone and / or laptop, you are less inclined to pick up your telephone at every ping and be distracted for minutes.
A small and simple action with a significant effect!

And last but not least: don't be the person who comments on everything unsolicited and out loud. Just reply to a colleague's mail by reply per mail and not by shouting the answer through the office. It makes a big difference and your colleagues will be grateful.