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Do’s en don’ts in choosing your ideal business name!

Do’s en don’ts in choosing your ideal business name!image

Sometimes you have been around with a company name for years for your future company and sometimes the inspiration just won't come. Choosing a suitable company name can unexpectedly take a lot of time. To shorten that time somewhat, WehaveAnyspace has listed the do's and don'ts for you.


Think about your target group
Pick a name that appeals to you, but your target group as well. Who will your business target and what group will do the most business with you? A slick name suits a young and trendy marketing company, however this is a somewhat questionable matter for a company specializing in the production of artificial hips.


Keep it simple and serious
No matter how tempting it is to come up with an amusing name, this is not advisable. What is funny to you may seem unprofessional to others. Names that are difficult to pronounce and are too long often make little sense. The last thing you want is for potential customers to drop out when they see a seemingly funny company name.


Originality and creativity are doing well
The preference for a simple and serious company name does not mean that this has to be at the expense of creativity and originality. In fact, a creative name lingers and attracts attention. Attention for which you don't have to do anything and don't have to pay for.


A name with space
Don't frame your new company name too much. A 'small' name not only looks small, but also limits you in reaching a broad audience.


Avoid existing names or derivatives thereof
It is easy to be inspired by famous company names, but be careful. If a company name has too many similarities with another existing company, this can cause problems. For example, it will not be appreciated if you call your perfumery Ici London XL. Also, misleading names, names that have nothing to do with your business operations or additions like "& Partner" while you are an independent entrepreneur are a no-go.


Let your environment become acquainted with the chosen name (s)
Have you found that one (or a few) excellent name (s)? Test them on your environment before you register a name. Let loved ones give their opinion, but also established entrepreneurs from your network. Does your environment have doubts? Take into account that your future customers could have doubts too.