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How to stay cool at the office!

How to stay cool at the office!image

It's going to get hot here in The Netherlands. Desert winds are rolling our way and you're slugging away at the office, trying to survive the heatwave. Any decent office should be aircondition, but of course, that's not the case where you work! That's why WehaveAnyspace has some tips and tricks to survive these tropic times.


1. Summer schedules
Do you usually get to work at 9 in the morning? Bring up the idea of a summer schedule at your next meeting. Temporarily working from 6 in the morning to 2 in the afternoon isn't as crazy as it might sound. Sure, you have to set your alarm clock a little early, but in return you get to spend the afternoon on the beach catching some waves! Now, doesn't that sound nice?


2. The right attire
Of course this fully depends on what kind of office you work at, but we find that employers usually don't appreciate nice shorts or trendy toe-ringed slippers. But that doesn't mean you can't dress in nice, cool clothing! Linen pants and lose white dressshirts immediately make you feel cooler, and make you look cool. In regards to shoes, think espadrilles or a nice set of sneakers. Get creative with it, but keep your office-culture in mind.


3. Work from home
Look, we know it's not much cooler at home, but don't underestimate the upsides working from home brings with it. Knowing that people are sweating all over and a large portion of your friends are just sitting in the sun enjoying a nice cold beer doesn't help with your motivation! Your productivity bottoms out and that's just not helping anybody. But sitting on the couch, laptop in front of you and a nice mocktail in your hand is a lot more conducive to you working than looking longingly out the office window while the sweat it pouring down your face.


4. Stay hydrated
Alright, let's get a little serious. You might not realize it, but you lose a lot of water sweating in this non-Dutch heat. Your body is working overtime to keep your internal thermometer in the green, so keep drinking throughout the day. And when you drink actually hydrating drinks you'll notice that you have a lot more energy throughout the day!

5. Summer songs
If spending your work hours at the office in inevitable, put on some good summer jams! Occasionally close your eyes and daydream about that caribbean holiday you've always wanted, of grass skirts and waves crashing on the beach. And tremember that this is The Netherlands, and it won't be long until there's thunderstorms and rain to end this heatwave.

Good luck today!