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Co-working - flexible work, when and wherever you'd like

Co-working - flexible work, when and wherever you'd like  image

Co-working: the ideal office space for starting and flexible entrepreneurs

Still in the early phase of your business and are you looking for office space? Or is it important to you that you're flexible regarding office space? Consider choosing a co-working office space. We have listed the various benefits of co-working for you.


Co-working is cost effective
If you don't need an office every day, co-working is the ideal solution. For example, you can start with a desk for 1 day a week. Is your company growing or do you temporarily have a larger project? Co-working office space grows with you. This allows you to rent an office space for the days that you really need, thus saving money. In addition, a co-working office space immediately gives your company a great appearance. After all, you no longer have to invite your relations to your house. In addition, many co-working office spaces are located in centrally located places and stylish buildings. That, of course, also ensures a good, professional image of your company.


Make use of the extensive facilities
Do you use a co-working spot? Then you can use the call rooms and the meeting rooms straight away. In addition, many locations have printing facilities too, all is taken care of.


Networking while working
A major advantage of co-working workplaces is that there are many other startups and entrepreneurs present. So are you unable to come up with something or do you want to outsource something? There is always a fellow user in the area who's ready to help. In addition, there are meetings for sharing knowledge. This way you can network and make new contacts while working.


By yourself
Working at home is an obvious option, but you'll be sitting at home, alone. Working at a co-working location can provide you with extra inspiration. Working without distractions is no problem. Do you need an informal chat, or would you like to talk about the problems you encounter? There is always someone around.


Work throughout the country

If you use a co-working place, it's often possible visit multiple locations of the provider. This means you can work throughout the country. Whether you just finished a meeting with a customer, wanting to stay ahead of a traffic jam or updating your administration: There is always a workplace near you where you can go.


Sounds good, but what does it cost?
Easily said, you can save money with a co-working desk. You'll work in a more flexible way and can expand whenever you need to. The prices for a co-working desk depend on the facilities that are offered. The cheapest is taking out a membership. A membership allows you to book a meeting room, among other things. You can choose between a flexible desk on a day, week or monthly basis. Do you want a fixed desk? No problem! Mostly this includes a locker to avoid lugging around with your things.

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