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Where is the best place to rent an office in Amsterdam?

Where is the best place to rent an office in Amsterdam? image

For the last couple of decades, the city of Amsterdam has been an immensely popular place for companies. Start-ups and Scale-ups have also been flocking to the city more and more. The Amsterdam city council recently announced that in the next 4 years it’ll construct an extra 500.000 square meter of office space to accommodate the growing demand of commercial real estate. You could say the gates to the city are wide open! But what districts have which distinct features? Where do people go, and why? Our beautiful capital city has 7 districts and each have their own unique characteristics, and every district attracts a different type of company.

Amsterdam Center

We start off with the oldest and most popular of the Amsterdam districts; Amsterdam Center, the cradle of our capital. The area, with its century’s old canals and iconic stepped gables is top-of-the-bill for many entrepreneurs. Companies are lining up to have their main office in this classic district. The ambiance of the historic buildings, both inside and outside, is the ultimate calling card for any business. The memorable buildings along the canal that have been renovated as offices are often fully furbished in a style that combines classic and modern styles. Class is at the forefront with these buildings, and that reflects back on your business in a very positive way.

The market in the Amsterdam Center has, just like the housing market, some pretty high prices. So, it’s not a surprise that the multinationals, the law firms and the most prestigious of companies are attracted to these A-level locations. This doesn’t mean there isn’t anywhere to go for the entrepreneur with a more limited budget. Regularly units become available that are most definitely affordable for an ambitious corporation.

Have a look at the buildings we offer in the Amsterdam Center!

Amsterdam South East.

South-East is in a league of its own. This district is incredibly popular at the moment, but has had to fight tooth and nail to get to that point. Since the nineties this district has seen large scale projects completely changing the face of the whole area. South-East has become to the home of among others the Johan Cruijff Arena, the Ziggo Dome and the largest movie theater of the Netherlands; Pathé Arena. Besides these attractions, restaurants and luxury hotels are popping up like weeds. Because of these new event locations and the renovations of the adjacent shopping center “The Amsterdam Harbor” not only tourists find their way to this bustling part of Amsterdam. Businesses have jumped at the chance to profit off the increasing potential of the area.

The excellent public transport connections to the Center and the great connection to many highways has made it incredibly easy to start your company there. Amsterdam South-East has become one of the most wanted places to settle your business. The city district attracts a broad mix of renters, with large business centers that accommodate multinationals that prefer impressive architecture and a wide variety of services. Adidas, De Bijenkorf and McDonald's have already made the plunge, but don’t let that scare you off. On the contrary; because of the variety the area has to offer there are office spaces to find here no matter how large your company is or what budget it has.

Do you think South East is the place to be? Check out what we currently have to offer there!

Amsterdam West

Amsterdam West is considered to have the most artistic and creative atmosphere of all the districts. Its industrial character – with the Westergasfabriek and the gorgeous Westerpark – makes it a hotbed for innovative businesses and super trendy start ups that feel at home in an industrialized looking neighborhood. Advertisement agencies, graphic designers and Game Development companies will feel right at home here.

This relatively new commercial hot-spot is veritably alive with energy. West includes the area called the Houthavens. Amsterdam is in the middle of building a large amount of offices here, but the inspiring views on the IJ river, being surrounded by everything Amsterdam has to offer and the look of modern glass office buildings in the middle of the ‘raw’ harbor vibe make this a very popular place to be. With the Jordaan around the corner and the Foodhallen close by, lunch will always be a feast. And the accessibility is top notch!

Amsterdam North

If you ask people what pops into their mind when you say Amsterdam North, most will answer “The Eye Film Museum, the Amsterdam Tower and the IJ-hallen. Modern meets post-industrial. That’s the vibe that makes an entrepreneurial heart melt. The “carefully deteriorated” NDSM-Wharf is a stone throw away from Central Station. And with the new North-South metro line the connection to the rest of Amsterdam has never been easier.

In many regards Amsterdam North is much like Amsterdam West. Excellent accessibility, an industrial atmosphere, trendy and popular with companies in the creative sector. Yet North differs greatly from West in a couple of ways. Where West is lacking nature and greenery, North borders the expansive green area of Zaanstreek-Waterland. The head offices of MTV Networks, HEMA and Red Bull Netherlands is only a couple of the high class businesses situated here.

Amsterdam South

The poster-area of corporate Netherlands is without a doubt Amsterdam South. The Financial Mile has a distinct skyline and is corporate with a capital C. South is considered one of the most important office districts in the whole of The Netherlands and with good reason. The greatest companies ever are situated right here in skyline defining high rises with views to die for. Banks, real estate companies, fashionista and design agencies are ever present. Names like Chanel, ABN Amro, Arcadis, Google, Deloitte and Heinz are common place here.

This of course comes with quite a steep price tag. The Financial Mile is up there as one of the most expensive places to have your office in the world, but you get quite something in return. The business centers are decked out in the most fantastic way, with in-house child day cares to Starbucks Corner Cafés on your own floor; the Financial Mile thought of everything! Besides, the accessibility is top notch with the A10 high way going right by it, and the district having its own train station! If your company is of a lower caliber but you really want to have your office here? Don’t be discourages! Amsterdam South is more than just the Financial Mile. The Pijp, Old-South and the Olympic Stadium are places where the prices are a lot more accommodating.

Amsterdam New West

Simultaneously the youngest and the largest of the city’s districts. Many sub districts fill New West, like Bos en Lommer, Slotervaart, Osdorp and Sloterdijk. This results in a large area with many different places or office space to choose from.

Most offices are situated a stone throw away from the Ringweg, the high way surrounding most of Amsterdam. The diversity in spaces here is immense. From modern office spaces near Johan Huizinga lane between Schiphol Airport and Amsterdam South, to full-service offices at the industrial area of Sloterdijk. New West might be the furthest away from the city center, but that doesn’t mean it’s not accessible at all. In fact, it might be one of the most connected city districts in Amsterdam, with two train stations (Sloterdijk and Lelylaan), eight metro stops and dozens of tram stops this neighborhood makes commuting downright easy. Ideal for entrepreneurs that don’t that to pay a little less, but still want a fantastic and presentable building!

Amsterdam East

Last but not least we have Amsterdam East, one of the fastest growing corporate districts in our nation’s capital. The neighbourhood spans from IJburg to Amstel Business Park. Especially that latter one is an upcoming and wanted piece of land for businesses at the moment.

Amsterdam East is the district of the Artis Zoo, the Museum of the Tropics and undoubtedly a mishmash of all other districts. The 19th century buildings in the Indische Buurt, parks like the Oosterpark, the Amstel river that runs past Amstel Business Park, the post-industrial atmosphere near IJburg and the Eastern Sea Docks or the hip eateries in the Dapperbuurt. The three train stations (Amsterdam Oost, Amsterdam Amstel and Amsterdam Muiderpoort) are spread out in a way that every corner of this district is easily commutable. This same diversity that makes Amsterdam East the melting pot that it is, is responsible for the wide variety in offices here. Offices can vary from trendy hip spaces on the Wibautstraat to beautiful units in Zeeburg. Amsterdam East makes borders fade away and is filled with companies of every shape and size.


We think it’s pretty clear that Amsterdam is a diverse and incredibly varied city when it comes to office space. From high end business centers in the Financial Mile to small office units in Amsterdam New West. You choose what suits you best, both physically and financially.

Whatever your preference, WehaveAnyspace is here to help you find your ideal office space.