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Ready to rent an office? You'll want to know these specific terms first.

Ready to rent an office? You'll want to know these specific terms first. image

New entrepreneurs face a lot of challenges. From the moment they formulate their business plan to when they’ve moved in; there’s a lot to think about and a lot to learn. Take finding an office space for instance. A company gets their identity from where they work. So sooner or later you’ll be Googling “Rent an office,” which makes sense because of you want a location to do business! And because you can’t keep running your business from your attic.

The choice is yours

A full-time office for multiple people or a sporadic place to work; the choice is all yours. Because of the overwhelming new terminology that’s hitting you like a Greek text book it’s natural to feel overwhelmed a little. And because we’re such great people, we thought we’d help you out a little with all the office lingo you’ll encounter when you’re about to start renting. There are about three types of offices; the office unit, the conventional office space and the workspace. And with work space there are some sub-categories like flex desk, shared office and dedicated desk, but we don’t want to lose you just yet so that’s for later. Depending on what you want, you’ll need different things.

Office unit

One of the most popular options is of course the office unit. Also called office space or office suite, an office unit is simply a closed off room up to 100 square meters where a full team can work in peace and quiet. Imagine a medium-sized building where the available floors are partitioned off into smaller private rooms, usually furbished. Lunch facilities, lounges and the use of meeting rooms are open to use. If you’d like to build your network, you’d have enough chance to do so. And if you don’t? Just head back into your office unit.

Conventional Office

The conventional office – or a tailored office – is office space that starts at 100 square meters. This could be a spare of 150 square meters or a whole floor of several hundreds. Usually these spaces are supplied bare, so you can expect some extra costs for the furniture, the floor and things like internet. Besides that, you usually rent these spaces for several years. A conventional space has a big advantage though; it’s all yours. It's your atmosphere, your furniture, your coffee cups in the sink and its all tailored to exactly what you want.

Work space

The last one is the work space. And there are – here it comes – 5 different sub-terms for work spaces. The most common one is the flex office, but also an open-plan office, dedicated desk and shared offices will come up regularly. Don’t worry, in actuality they mean roughly the same thing You get a desk in a space that you share with dozens of other office dwellers. This might sound overwhelming but because of the reasonable price this one of the popular options for start-ups. Networking happens automatically and the only thing you need to bring is your laptop. Think about if you want a flexible desk (one day you might have a window view, the other you’ll be in the bullpen) or a dedicated desk (a single desk dedicated to you for the entirety of your contract). One person loves the change, whilst the other might find it incredibly annoying.

Whatever office is most suited for your business is partly determined by your budget, business operation and company size. The above mentioned office spaces can be situated in three different office buildings.

  • A business center.
  • An office concept.
  • A corporate campus


A corporate campus

You don’t need a lot of imagination to know what a corporate campus is, but a corporate campus is a building or buildings with multiple companies situated inside. Very simple! In these buildings the key word is flexibility. Flexibility in the type of space and flexibility when it comes to the contract. If its small units you’re looking for or half a floor to yourself, on a campus like this both options are available. Good for medium-sized companies, but also start-ups can enjoy a lot of benefits here. Like a network of fellow entrepreneurs all around the place.

Business Center

A business center is basically a luxury version of the aforementioned corporate campus. An all-inclusive concept where the building management takes care of almost everything. Think of a reception hall with receptionist, finished and furbished meeting rooms and/or a coffee corner. Besides that you can easily use their extra services like the mail-service, telephone service and security!

An office concept

The true king in office spaces. This type of office is the most exclusive, the most luxurious and have even more services than the others. The entire office experience can be compared to staying at a luxury hotel. It wouldn’t be uncommon to have a dry cleaner in the building, a restaurant for gourmet lunch dishes that work with any dietary restrictions you might have. An office space like this works to get the team inspired, focused and not distracted with unrelated issues costing precious time.


A small glossary

Now that we’ve introduced some of the most important definitions you’ll need in your search for an office there’s still a couple of concepts that you might not know about. We’ve made a selection of some you’re likely to run into.


Turn key

Sometimes it’s just this easy. A turn-key office is ready and set to move right into by just turning the key and walking in. Furbishing, furnishing and any extras are all included.

All in rent

This one is pretty simple as well. Office rent can be either all-in or basic. When it comes to all in renting the price includes everything you could realistically expect like gas, water and electricity, cleaning services and often also high-speed internet, access to meeting rooms and a parking space on the premises.

Flexible contracts

One of the most popular options when it comes to renting office space. Flexible contracts are attractive because you can rent for specific terms. This can be hours or days, but also weeks and months at a time. No long-running contracts, and easy cancellation periods.


A deposit is an amount of money you hand over before you move into the space. It’s mostly insurance for the building owner in case you go bankrupt. It’s usually one or two months rent, but three months can happen. What the deposit amount is will be in the contract, but often it’ll be conveyed by phone as well.

Virtual Office

A virtual office is a registration address for a company when they don’t actually need a physical location. For instance when you’re a one man company and you work from home a lot. But you might want to have a meeting sometimes, have your mail delivered at a business center or receive a client in a representative environment. Then, a virtual office is perfect for you.


We hope that all the definitions and different concepts surrounding he rent of an office is a little clearer, but if you still can’t make heads or tails of it all or you want to have someone else help you when it comes to the rent of an office because you’re busy as it is? WehaveAnyspace has an expert team ready for you. They know the ins and outs of the real estate market like the back of their hand. Together with you we’ll look for the ultimate office solution that suits your needs exactly. And the best thing of all? You don’t pay us. We help you free of charge, without hidden costs or contracts. So have a look at or call us on + 31 (0)85 7500 440