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How to effectively and efficiently video conference from home.

How to effectively and efficiently video conference from home. image

Working from home can be great, but you still miss meetings. Video calling can be incredible handy, but it has to be done well. Nothing is more annoying than bad video, a bad connection or too much noise in the background. In order to have successful meetings online, it’s useful to implement a few basic rules. For efficient meetings while you work from home, we have a few tips for you!

Due to the Corona virus and other circumstances, many people cannot go to the office right now. But with the right mobile equipment, a good network connection and the right work-life balance, working remotely is getting easier. So whether you are working from home, on the road or in a cafe; you can use video calling to simply meet with colleagues or customers.

8 video calling tips

To make successful video calling, it is helpful to have some basic principles. That's why we've listed some tips for you here that will definitely streamline your online meetings. We explain the 8 tips further in this blog. So use these tips and let us know how it went!

  • Be on time.

  • Use an easy tool.

  • Let everyone finish their sentences

  • Ensure a good connection

  • No distractions!

  • Be clear

  • Dress smart

  • Choose a good location

1. Be on time!

If you want to avoid irritation from colleagues, make sure you have everything ready before you start. Waiting online for a meeting is seen as disturbing rather than waiting in a physical meeting room. Therefore, make sure you are logged in on time before video calling starts. If there are any problems, you can communicate this to your colleagues in time.

2. Use an easy tool

For some, it takes a lot of effort before they have everything ready for video calling. Video calling increasingly uses a link or password. Forward it in time to everyone who participates in the conversation. This makes for an easy start.

3. Let everyone finish their sentences

Always good to be polite and let people speak, but with video calling it’s even more important. If it’s a busy meeting with many participants, this can be quite a challenge. If the meeting does not seem to go as smoothly as you want, you can appoint someone to be a moderator. This may seem unnecessary, but especially during video conferences with many participants, this is an ideal solution against annoyances. The moderator decides the issues to discuss, leads the meeting and determines who he or she expects an answer from.

4. Ensure a good connection

A stable internet connection is an absolute must before you start a video conference. If a participant does not have a good connection, this has a negative effect on all other participants. Your sound may falter, or you may be just behind the call. A solution is to turn off the WiFi connection, use 4G or work old-fashioned with a cable on your router.

Make sure that all distractions, obstacles or other objects are not visible. This can distract your colleagues

5. No distractions!

Do you have a video meeting in your agenda? Make sure that all distractions, obstacles or other objects are not visible. This can distract your colleagues. Background noise can also distract. Crying babies, your wife's yoga session, barking dogs or other noises that cause people to become distracted.

6. Be clear

Video meetings can get rough at first. Therefore, be clear and confident. Make sure you take your audience with you and that they remain involved in the meeting. If everyone does their best, agenda items can be handled quickly. For example, an online meeting does not take an unnecessarily long time.

7. Dress smart.

Remember that video calling and online meetings are still work. Adjust your outfit to the setting of the meeting. If you are the representative, make a good impression by simply dressing properly. We do not recommend too much color in your clothes, to avoid distractions.

8. Choose a good location

Online meetings can certainly be done from home. Just make sure you have the right setting. Some conversations need a professional setting. A room equipped for video conference with the right equipment can be ideal for video calling. This can make all the difference, especially when talking to a new customer. So make sure you have a well-equipped and furnished home office so that you can make video calls easily, yet professionally.

Workplace for video calling

Especially nowadays more and more organizations take video calling and working from home seriously. Employees must therefore be well prepared for this type of meeting. Use the tips above for a smooth online meeting. And we at WehaveAnyspace can help you with a virtual office, a professional meeting room or a private office so that you can also work outside the home.