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Use of color in the office

Use of color in the office image

The best color in the office

Did you know that the color in your office space influences your mood, but also your creativity and your productivity? But what color has which effect? WehaveAnyspace will reveal that to you in this blog.

It is an established fact: colors influence your emotions.

Time to get the paintbrush out right now?

Not necessarily, because it is not just about a color on the wall, the colors of the furniture, the floor, artworks and accessories also count. Even the color of your basic office supplies seem to contribute to the atmosphere at work.

The big question now is: which color does what before you simply pick up a jar of paint or order a new color of carpet.

RED: stimulates

Red is the color of passion and emotion.

Red has a particularly stimulating effect; it even stimulates your blood circulation and your heart rate (a good reason not to choose red bedding if you want to sleep peacefully, for a sports outfit red is perfect, but that aside).

Red is also associated with blood (that's why you don't see this color in a hospital).

Red walls can make you feel like the walls are literally coming your way.

In addition, a completely red workplace is tiring for your eyes.

If you can use a portion of adrenaline in your job (for example because you have to negotiate or sell a lot), then red accents are absolutely okay.

ORANGE: This makes creative people happy

Orange is the color of positivity.

Orange mainly stimulates your creativity and ensures that you can be productive.

YELLOW: encourages work.

Yellow has the same properties as orange and also activates your brain. Only with yellow you have to be careful with the dosage. Yellow is not only the color of joy, it is also a very stimulating color. In the office, therefore, prefer to choose dosed warm or soft yellow tones.

PINK: connects

Pink is the color of harmony.

Pink connects, creates friendships and creates reconciliation.

Pink makes you feel more in touch with the people around you.

A good color for workplaces where collaboration is an important pillar or for places where social interaction can take place.

GREEN: stands for fresh and young

Green is calming.

With this color you bring nature inside.

Greenery also provides cooling.

Green shades are ideal to support targeted precision work.

BLUE: promotes concentration and gives peace of mind

Cool colors, such as blue, promote concentration.

Blue also has a calming effect, a color that puts people at ease (green does that too, by the way).

If you often need to be able to focus 100% on your work, blue is a good color for you.

Balance the color pattern with other warm colors (brown, beige or warm white) so that you don't feel like you're in a refrigerator.

PURPLE: For out of the box thinkers

Purple is the color that stands for wisdom and that has a stimulating effect on your mind.

For anyone who wants to think "out of the box": purple is your color!

Finally, it must be said that the meaning of color is not necessarily fixed.

But it is an established fact that a color evokes the same associations for most people.

Which color in the office are you going for?